How To Choose The Right Van

When it comes to the world of motoring vans are the real workhorse of the family. If your business means that you need some sort of van you’ll probably rely on it for all sorts of things. It is incredibly important that you choose the best type of van to suit your business . . . whatever business that may be.
The market these days is full of high performance trucks and vans so deciding upon the best one might be difficult. There are plenty to choose from at the OC Ram Truck Center for example – you might find the RAM ProMaster 2500 particularly interesting, but let’s take a look at some of the important factors you must take into consideration.
The Body Type – vans are made in a great variety of shapes and sizes. The most commonly used type of van is probably a panel truck which is just one piece – one rigid non articulated body. Other choices are often referred to as box vans which have a separate cab and cargo area on the back. Pickup trucks and flatbed trucks are another alternative which may be more suitable for your needs.


The Space – different businesses need different amounts of space so it’s important that you have sufficient space for your needs. There are two things which need to be taken into consideration – the maximum payload of the van which is the weight it is permitted to carry and the volume capacity of the van – this will be stated in cubic meters. If your trade requires you to transport yourself and a small amount of tools to your customers you obviously won’t need as much space as a business which relies upon its van for the collection of large quantities of stock.
The Versatility – many of the modern vans these days are designed to have maximum versatility. They are available with different configurable seating arrangements which can be adjusted along with the storage space as required. If you are a small business owner you may need to use the van for your work during the week as well as utilize it as a family sized carrier for the weekends. Chassis cabs are also extremely versatile, these are the most basic of all vans and can be easily converted into a dropside van, box van, tipper van or fitted with a winch, hoist or similar.


The Affordability Factor – when you talk about affordability there are more things to take into consideration than the purchase price. The fuel efficiency of the van will also need to be taken into account, particularly if your business entails you doing lots of mileage. If you purchase a van which has enough capacity it can actually help to cut down on man hours and fuel costs – whereas a larger van with a more powerful engine might be a little less fuel efficient it could also mean that you can complete your job in fewer trips.
Reliability – the best advice is to buy the best van you can afford. If you try to save money on an older vehicle it may prove to be unreliable and end up letting you down which can lead to lost work as well as very expensive repair bills. If your van breaks down in the middle of a crucial job it can prove to be very costly for the success of your business.


If you buy the right sort of van for your business, keep it well maintained and regularly serviced it should be perfect for many years.

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