Conscious and Concerned


Nissan is an environmentally conscious company who is concerned with making cars with a low carbon footprint that help to keep our environment safe. If you’re looking for a car with good gas mileage, that you can feel good about driving, consider a Nissan. Whether you buy from Redlands Nissan or another dealership, you’ll know you’re getting a car from a manufacturer who is dedicated to decreasing their cars’ emissions. You’ll be doing your part for the environment when you pick Nissan.


There are lots of options for low emissions cars that get great mileage available from Nissan. From the unique Cube to the family friendly, always popular, Altima, and even the Juke, Versa, and LEAF. There are no shortage of options. Visit a dealership website, like Metro Nissan Redlands, to get information and specifications for any of the currently available vehicles.
For any environmentally conscious consumer, a Nissan is a great choice. The company has been researching and developing cars in the four areas of fuel cell vehicles, hybrid vehicles, low emissions vehicles, and compressed natural gas vehicles. This dedication has led to advancements in all areas and has set precedents for the industry. If you’re a consumer who is concerned about your car’s impact on the environment, you’ll be glad to know just how dedicated Nissan is to the cause. In Japan, Nissan is now manufacturing vehicles that are more than 50% lower than the national standard for low fuel emissions. Nissan has even gone as far as to partner with competitor Toyota to provide parts for hybrid cars being built in the United States. The company’s dedication to doing its part for the environment can make anyone feel proud to drive a Nissan and know they’re getting good gas mileage and fuel efficiency.

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