• 2001 ACAT Global Ferrari 550 Maranello – The Salt


    The summer sun bounces off of the salt in a singular blinding highlight, causing hazy vision and an almost immediate sunburn. In northwestern Utah lies the sleepy town of Wendover. Here, you’ll find two casinos, a 7-11 and four hotels. Wendover is likewise home to the famous Bonneville Speedway: a little portion of one of many world’s largest salt flats that’s focused on motorsport. And it’s here that speed junkies have attempted land speed records since the 1930s.

    With a few events each machines, year and men are constantly being pushed on the salt. Yet SpeedWeek, locked in August, is undeniably the most important gathering. With hundreds competing to set the best speed in severalBonneville is otherworldly – even without the noise of lazy V8s bouncing off the nearby mountains. Alternatively, the sight of torpedo-shaped specials approaching 500mph and leaving a wisp of salt floating from the heat haze – the Flats are simply just a breathtaking place to be.

    The sensation of love and dedication for the sport is detected in every breath. You often hear people talking about camaraderie in racing, and Bonneville takes it to a new level.

    And while we were there to absorb this unique sport and lifestyle, our story would revolve around Joe Moch with his fantastic quest to break 235mph in theirin the world built for top speed and caked in salt. Its blue hue blended with Bonneville’s infinite horizon and garnered surprising attention in a field of home-built hot rods and high-dollar missiles.

    Joe’s love for speed isn’t something new, though. He’s been obsessed all his life. “In 1965, I was walking past a Jaguar dealership and saw a gold on red XKE,” he reminisced. “I was really a senior in high school at the time but would eventually buy one in ’67.” Once the E-Type, a love of fine Italian automobiles took hold.

    Joe has owned 11 Tour de France Ferraris, which is over any other private owner. His favorites included a ’63 250 Spyder California plus a ’54 250 Europa GT, if you were wondering… “I’ve just always loved Ferraris,” he laughed.It was actually fitting, then, that when Joe met Jim Busby, a former Bonneville record holder, the idea of breaking a speed record was embedded in his mind. Something he’d attempt in a Ferrari.

    As you might imagine, the 550 Maranello has never been built for top speed runs using salt. It was purposed as a comfortable GT having a massive 5.5-liter V12 up front, a deluxe interior and room within the trunk for a set of golf clubs.

    Like many things, racing a Ferrari on the salt “Seemed like a great idea during the time! ” And after racing virtually everything, from Formula 500 to vintage series, Joe figured a land speed record wasn’t impossible.

    Team ACAT 08

    2001 ACAT global ferrari 550 maranello joe moch 07

    2001 ACAT global ferrari 550 maranello joe moch 03

    As CEO of ACAT Global (Advanced Clean Air Technologies), Joe is at the forefront of catalytic converters, producing the finest and smallest on the market. They get the same conversion efficiency as modern cats but at one-third the size and style, as well as a 30dB noise reduction without using a muffler. This isn’t obscure technology, either: Before too long, joe is confident we’ll see his cats on OEM vehicles and every emissions system. “We’ve already passed GM’s durability tests,” he confided. And what better way to prove his product than setting a speed record?

    The 550 was prepared for its first salt flat outing at SpeedWeek 2012. Jim Busby Racing, with help from Van Butler and Lee Kennedy from the Southern California Timing Association, built the car with Joe’s supervision. “You can’t imagine how much needs to be discarded from a modern Ferrari,” Joe recalled. “We filled so many five-gallon buckets just from scraping putty out of theThe interior was caged and stripped before custom tires and wheels were fitted. It doesn’t actually have front brakes, counting on the rear factory units as well as two parachutes. Insane!

    In 2012, Joe hit 216.33mph, which was 30mph faster compared to the factory speed record. “It’s such a desolate place,” Joe recalled. “There are no trees or anything. You’re just following a line in the salt and you view the mountains on theAs you may imagine, driving on salt is unlike other things. “I had no idea what to expect on my first pass. I used to be in first gear, but the ratio was so high it could hit 107mph. Once I’m used to road-race cars so that it was an odd feeling once the engine kept pulling and you also haven’t shifted. I kept wondering as soon as the redline was coming. When would I grab another gear? ” You can imagine his anxiety in the cabin, mixed with lots of adrenaline.

    “The car moves around under you. The secret of being successful in the salt is just not overcorrecting. The auto starts to move to the side and yes it takes patience to bring it back over a fraction. At 200mph, any quick reaction could be the end. It requires such delicate corrections. But there’s a comfort you feel once you have it dialed in,” he remembered.

    VW jetta 11

    Land speed record car gauge cluster 13

    Plymouth 12

    For his 2013 attempt, Peter recalled his second experience. “Perhaps one of the worst aspects of SpeedWeek is the waiting. Everybody stands around for much of the relaxing, day and watching, anticipating insane speed and praying for a trouble-free run. Finally, we had been in a line of cars. There seemed to be sweat cascading down my face within the 127? heat. All you want is for your time to come but you’re waiting in that damn line, anticipating, wondering. It gets very claustrophobic,” he admitted.

    We had been waiting, camera in hand, for what seemed like an eternity for Joe to fire the 12-cylinder beast and get going. The team was aiming for 232-235mph this time around. “It was within our grasp and definitely inside the capability of the vehiclehad been moved to the trunk for better weight distribution. Was just seeing 400psi, though the motor required 800psi oil pressure. So the ACAT Global Ferrari 550 Maranello cut short its SpeedWeek adventure only 125mph, never even leaving first gear. “We pulled the plug, and then for business reasons, we recently sold the car,” he said regretfully.

    You can’t argue with business, though it’s difficult to believe he’d do that after so much effort. Joe and also the team will return to Bonneville this year with… a Dodge Viper – it doesn’t have the same ring to it, we but appreciate the guy’s conviction, as well as the fact he continues to appear to SpeedWeek with less conventional cars.

    The Bonneville Salt Flats are a fascinating place. Or simply provide an appreciation for your earth and its wonders, you absolutely must go, if you enjoy cars and motorsport. Bonneville should be on everybody’s bucket list but take a hat, lots of sunscreen, good sunglasses and water!

  • 2008 BMW M3 – The Complete Package


    Too often, we’re presented with project builds that are perfect from afar. However, this E90 M3 is stellar from afar and even better close-up, making it an easy decision to feature in the magazine. Though crumble upon closer inspection as a result of lack of cohesiveness.

    The owner of the pristine BMW M3, Eric Kuehn from Bel Air, MD, shared his thoughts on the creation of such a gem. I wanted everything to flow, he said, even though I’ve seen many all-out racecars with huge stereos, or show cars with a rollcage. I wanted to ensure that everything worked in perfect unison.

    You see, Kuehn can be something of a perfectionist and couldn’t live with anything short of, well, perfection. So after getting a 350Z he decided to jump into the Euro scene. He started using a low-mileage Alpine White E46 M3 and modified it extensively. As he was prepared to move on, he turned his sights for theThe Complete Package

    As fate will have it, a pal had been leasing a 2008 M3 and decided the repayments were excessive, and offered the car for that residual. The lump sum was a killer deal and so Eric became the lucky owner of a four-door rocketship.

    Within fourteen days Kuehn scratched the gearhead itch with H&R lowering springs, and a sports exhaust. It was an ideal daily driver but the upgrades only ignited the desire to modify it more, he confessed.

    Fortunately, Kuehn had enough sense to thoroughly plan the build, rather than impetuously buying random parts. And also this allowed him to ensure the project had a predetermined direction that would keep the M3 usable. I wanted to build the ultimate daily driver, where nothing would be out of place. Everything would be added for a purpose, withoutThe Whole Package

    With that said, if you had to pick a star performer it might probably be the ESS Tuning VT1-550 supercharger system, particularly with its custom-painted intake manifold. In addition, it has a smaller pulley and Gintani cat-less X-pipe feeding into a Meisterschaft GT muffler that, when put to the test, was good for 590hp at the wheels on 93-octane fuel.

    As soon as the lowering springs weren’t enough, Kuehn added KW sleeve-over coilovers along with RD Sport sway bars. Before he found the perfect combination, this improved the stance but Eric wrestled with no less than four sets of wheels. They were 20×9.5 front, 20×11 rear Morr Competition MF52 three-piece forged wheels covered with Falken tires, as it happens.about it; the car was built to be driven in every situations except the track really. The 20s are probably too big for competition use but look fantastic on the car, especially with the brushed matte centers and polished stepped lips, Kuehn explained.

    As well as the owner isn’t the only one who thought the car looked good on these wheels. It seems that Morr Wheels felt the same and displayed it in their booth at Bimmerfest West 2013, which happens to be where we stumbled across it. They had shipped the car by reviewing the East Coast stomping grounds to highlight the fitment and show attendees what a great job Eric had done. We had to arranged and agreeto keep chassis balance.

    The wheels and supercharger demanded some exterior upgrades, so Eric began with a Mode Carbon GT1 lip, color-matched Platte and grilles Forme carbon side splitters transitioning into a Vorsteiner double-sided carbon trunk. The latter received LCI tail lights, when he also added ONEighty headlights up front. These feature dual projector units and additional LEDs inside billet housings. I can’t say enough about the headlights. They may have CNC’ed internals that give a second projector and even an LED that blinks when the alarm is defined, Kuehn said.

    2008 BMW m3 eric kuehn cleaning

    2008 BMW m3 interior steering wheel

    2008 BMW m3 static front three quarter

    In his continued pursuit of perfection, Eric couldn’t leave the outside at that. Are noted for orange peel, so I had the entire car wet sanded to remove the bring and peel out of the shine, although BMWs have nice paint. It looks similar to a totally different color now, and the shine is really deep, Kuehn told us.

    While many people often forget about the interior, an automobile this special should also be amazing on the inside – a notion that Kuehn subscribes to as well: I had a pair of Recaro Sportster CS seats attached to Macht Schnell frames and wrapped in OEM BMW Bamboo leather. It could possibly be the most popular mod about the car since I’ve never seen anotherThe same hide was wrapped around the dash and console, rear seats and door panels to seem as if these people were BMW Individual pieces.

    The motorist is bombarded with information thanks to the LED display around the BMW M Performance controls. However, additionally there is a P3 Cars electronic gauge in the driver’s vent plus three Stack gauges inside the center console.

    The Jehnert custom door panels are insane. They appear factory and many people don’t know they’re hiding a huge amount of doors speakers – it’s awesome, Kuehn said.

    You didn’t assume this BMW M3’s sound was limited to its exhaust and intake? Kuehn was hell-bent on ticking every box, so carries a trio of Helix Competition amplifiers powering Rainbow Audio component speakers that include eight mid-range drivers and a 10 AmBoss sub. A Helix processor adds clarity and also the major equipment can be seen within theincluding the Recaros, rear seats, door cards, dash and console

    I built it to my definition of perfection and enjoy it every chance I get, Eric explained, though It may not end up being the craziest car out there. In fact, he’s driven more than 40,000 miles in less than 36 months, so clearly takes every opportunity. If it’s sunny for 7 days, I’m driving it all week. The only time I don’t is when the weather is bad. Otherwise, I can’t get enough of it.

    And what about its future? I’ve got a bit of big plans, including a color change, different wheels and in many cases bigger brakes. I’ve chose to do more because if I sold it, I couldn’t replace the M3 with anything as quickly, as capable and well-rounded, Kuehn concluded.

  • How To Choose The Right Van

    When it comes to the world of motoring vans are the real workhorse of the family. If your business means that you need some sort of van you’ll probably rely on it for all sorts of things. It is incredibly important that you choose the best type of van to suit your business . . . whatever business that may be.
    The market these days is full of high performance trucks and vans so deciding upon the best one might be difficult. There are plenty to choose from at the OC Ram Truck Center for example – you might find the RAM ProMaster 2500 particularly interesting, but let’s take a look at some of the important factors you must take into consideration.
    The Body Type – vans are made in a great variety of shapes and sizes. The most commonly used type of van is probably a panel truck which is just one piece – one rigid non articulated body. Other choices are often referred to as box vans which have a separate cab and cargo area on the back. Pickup trucks and flatbed trucks are another alternative which may be more suitable for your needs.


    The Space – different businesses need different amounts of space so it’s important that you have sufficient space for your needs. There are two things which need to be taken into consideration – the maximum payload of the van which is the weight it is permitted to carry and the volume capacity of the van – this will be stated in cubic meters. If your trade requires you to transport yourself and a small amount of tools to your customers you obviously won’t need as much space as a business which relies upon its van for the collection of large quantities of stock.
    The Versatility – many of the modern vans these days are designed to have maximum versatility. They are available with different configurable seating arrangements which can be adjusted along with the storage space as required. If you are a small business owner you may need to use the van for your work during the week as well as utilize it as a family sized carrier for the weekends. Chassis cabs are also extremely versatile, these are the most basic of all vans and can be easily converted into a dropside van, box van, tipper van or fitted with a winch, hoist or similar.


    The Affordability Factor – when you talk about affordability there are more things to take into consideration than the purchase price. The fuel efficiency of the van will also need to be taken into account, particularly if your business entails you doing lots of mileage. If you purchase a van which has enough capacity it can actually help to cut down on man hours and fuel costs – whereas a larger van with a more powerful engine might be a little less fuel efficient it could also mean that you can complete your job in fewer trips.
    Reliability – the best advice is to buy the best van you can afford. If you try to save money on an older vehicle it may prove to be unreliable and end up letting you down which can lead to lost work as well as very expensive repair bills. If your van breaks down in the middle of a crucial job it can prove to be very costly for the success of your business.


    If you buy the right sort of van for your business, keep it well maintained and regularly serviced it should be perfect for many years.

  • B-Series Honda CRX Si – The Giant Killer


    Unless you’re a local, this aggressive black CRX’s 52.05 track time at Pacifico Sport, and 1: 10.88 at Autodroma Interlomas probably doesn’t mean much to you, though it should. You see, both locations are based in Chile, where owner Felipe Gaete Moran resides, and both locations afflict house very competitive racetracks that meet the needs of time attack events. Still, unless you’ve actually driven on these tracks yourself, the times are nothing more than a few digits, right? Well, just to give you a sense of how impressive those digits really are; similar lap times are reserved for tuned R35s and modified Porsche 997s on slicks. What’s more impressive would be the fact Felipe’s CRX slays dragons with a mere high compression B-series powerplant and a full blown obsession with finding the perfect balance ofhandling and powerbefore the lightning quick laps being brought home, Felipe was actually a student carting around in a 1977 Honda Civic with thoughts of possibly swapping a D15B under the hood. He adds, That’s all I had when a friend explained to me he wanted to show me something that makes me go crazy. He took me to this place and there it absolutely was; this black CRX. I borrowed totally of the fee for the vehicle, which had been $2500, in a tax free zone of Chile. I wanted it, though it was nuts paying that amount for a CRX at that time!

    The last owner didn’t like the harsh ride, though the ’91 CRX had actually been imported from Japan and even included a set of Tein coilovers. For that reason, he had swapped a collection of Integra shocks and springs that elevated the 2-seater to new heights and as Felipe describes it, [it] looked like a CRV!

    1991 honda CRX si danger motors custom cage 08

    1991 honda CRX si 949 racing wheels 11

    1991 honda CRX si B16A head 13

    The automobile was torn down quickly but hit a stopping point quickly due to Felipe’s status being a student. Money was incredibly tight and wanting to build something remarkable, the new owner spent the following three years by using a bare shell and a head full of ideas that teetered on what his bank account enables. After saving up enough money, a B20B swap was finally within reach and soon found its way under the hood. Shortly after installing the 2.0L B-series, clutch and transmission woes began to arise. Fortunately, Felipe could find an ORC clutch and a used Spoon LSD to have an affordable amount and had Julio Bravo of Bravoracing piece everything together. This was at the first try I could really run the car. It wasn’t enough to beat the times that Porsches were recording at that time. As money allowed, more modifications made their way to the build, including headwork and a set of Crower cams, although some Evos and WRXs were the first victims on this little Honda. PIC Select coilovers and a long list of chassis braces and crucial bushing upgrades were installed as driver development continued to advance. In an effort to gain more traction, wider, staggered 949 Racing wheels were installed and the factory gears were ditched to opt for shorter MFactoryFourth and Third, and Fifth gears. An easy but effective setup that essentially harnessed every ounce of power from the non-VTEC mill with thefrom a $2,500 Honda, instead of just getting mad, they get faster. Felipe adds, It happened. The Porsche and GTR owners began to really tune their cars. We were still the fastest but those R35s were right around the corner. We decided to drop a VTEC head on the B-series block. The VTEC conversion was accompanied by a group of Toda VTEC killer cams and a whole new beast was unleashed. Throughout the cars next outing a valve spring decided to commit suicide at the worst possible time-the Time Attack finals. Down but not out, Felipe borrowed a customers K20 swapped EG and managed to muscle his method to a Third Place finish with the finals-enough beingthe entire year prior, many had high hopes and big expectations for Felipe in 2013. A solution was expected from the giant-killer CRX after news had spread with regards to a GTR recently breaking the track record, that has been then taken by a Porsche. The answer came in the form of a rebuilt B-series (B20) block using Wiseco pistons and Eagle rods that pushed compression all the way up to 13: 1. To bring in more air, a Skunk2 Ultra (street) intake manifold was installed and greatly increased midrange output while bringing the power output up to 245whp. A rematch was inevitable.

    Competing from the Open Class that Felipe calls home means you’re facing the important boys. Which is, cars which can be fast right out of the box, or heavily modified for track use. What which means is that competitors have the choice to run slicks rather than radials. With the newfound power, a collection of Hankook slicks, and packed with confidence in his CRX, Felipe took back what was his, and currently holds the background with no intentions of letting it slip away.

  • 2015 Porsche Macan Turbo – First Drive


    Porsche Macan Turbo Details:

    400hp 3.6L VarioCam As well as immediate shot biturbo V6 motor

    Torque-vectoring optionTraction Control productive AWD

    Sports carefficiencySport activity Chrono boosts -62mph by .2sec

    Smooth PDK dual-clutch autoenergetic revocationRemarkable comfort

    2014 porsche macan turbo traveler area top perspective 02 PhotographTraveler Part Entrance Perspective 02

    Electronic products: Sports activity Plus with ActivityInteraction Administrationcoloration screen in musical instrument group

    Professionals: Sensational pushImpressive good qualityOutstandingOnline game-transforming dynamics

    – Cons: Back end chairs just a little crampedguide choicenotice

    2014 porsche macan turbo rear look at 03 PhotographBack end Perspective 03

    Porsche’s Leipzig production line in Germany is busy creating the Panamera and Cayenne. But it’s going to get significantly busier with the addition of the brand new Macan SUV. It’s envisioned that up to 600 vehicles will roll away from its doors every day and into the on-site check track.

    Exactly the same path was adopted for your global start of the Macan SUV. It’s an impeccably neat circuit, borrowing from motorsport by mimicking legendary curves such as Monza’s Lesmo and Laguna Seca’s Corkscrew, but all within the limitations of Leipzig’s rather flat topography. But when Porsche wants a hillside, it’ll come up with a mountain. The company’s can-do approach evidently isn’t limited by its autos.

    Approaching the uphill section before the mini Corkscrew, the Macan Turbo arrives at indecent speed before its tires screech under braking and turn-in. The hill the SUV should go, which is eliminated as soon as it showed up. Walter Rohrl has arrived, and he’s demonstrating the Macan Turbo should indeed be worth the Porsche crest around the hood.

    2014 porsche macan turbo fender duct 05 PictureFender Duct 05

    There have been doubters, of course, specifically considering that components of the Macan framework are obtained from the Audi Q5. Porsche is quick to point out that at least two-thirds is unique, and most shared parts were modified.

    Visually it couldn’t be diverse; contrary to the Cayenne SUV, which for those its Porsche genes, isn’t as distinct from the Volkswagen Touareg cousin as they’d like.

    Porsche’s common style factors are apparent: the strenuous adherence to huge atmosphere intakes, fender-top rated headlamps, sculpted hood and wide back haunches. These elements definitely look a lot more cohesive in the Macan than Cayenne.

    The “”Turbo”” model is signified from the cheaper “”S”” by adding Brought strips about the outer air intakes who have larger fine mesh grilles. There’s also “”Turbo”” set of scripts in the trunk area and quad exhausts from the diffuser. These delicate but successful alterations supply the Turbo an even more assertive check out match its variety-topping overall performance.

    2014 porsche macan turbo steering wheel 07 PhotographSteering Wheel 07

    Within, it’s quite common. The cabin displays Porsche’s lengthy-presented considering on design and ergonomics. So it has three circular instruments behind the wheel, dominated by the rev counter, while the center console and transmission tunnel take care of the infotainment and lesser controls.

    The rear seating can be described as enough for grownups instead of commodious, whilst the trunk area is actually a reputable SUV dimension.

    The Turbo receives a far better common devices checklist, with a lot more leather material, greater-spec audio and Porsche’s PCCM communication management (including sat nav) as normal.

    Only the 3.6-liter biturbo’s performance is deemed worthy of the legendary status, even though the Turbo badges could actually be applied to all models. Its engine is increased in capacity across the 3.-liter within the S. Production by natural means increases from 340hp to your much more satisfying 400hp. Torque swells to 406 lb-feet, and the twist is dispersed by Porsche’s 7-rate PDK paddle-changed two-clutch intelligent on the Porsche Traction Managing several-wheel drive program.

    Utilize all the technology along with the Macan Turbo will attain 60mph in 4.6sec coming from a standstill. Tick the Sport Chrono Pack alternative and you’ll achieve a Sports activity In addition option (besides the common Sports activity option) which allows -60mph inside an outstanding 4.4sec.

    2014 porsche macan turbo gauge bunch 08 PhotoDetermine Bunch 08

    Demanding the game Additionally button alters the intervention thresholds of your Turbo’s many travel methods, supplying much more aggressive products shifts, sharper throttle reply and a firmer PASM lively suspension. If you’ve optioned Air Suspension, the Macan Turbo will lower itself 10mm, too.

    Round the Leipzig test path, continue to moist from your morning hours rain shower and intensely rubbered as a result of Porsche’s constant testing, the Turbo provides an hilariously quick and remarkably reactive driving a car expertise. The Turbo’s eagerness to wag its tail on exiting a corner, for example, is remarkable for any motor vehicle within this sector.

    If you switch it off, it remains in the shadows to keep things in check, from the passenger seat alongside Rohrl, he admitted the vehicle is best experienced with the Porsche Stability Management on, admitting that, even. He also suggested the Macan will understeer less with it enabled, which was sufficient to convince us to leave it activated because the Turbo in Sport Plus mode can be driven with an application of corrective steering lock at will.

    If not unique, in the SUV category, that experience is unusual. In fact, the Macan Turbo feels a lot more like a highly-sorted RWD station wagon than the usual taller SUV. Which was notably true on the monitor, in which the Macan could possibly be pressed to extremes. Even on the road, the rearward power bias was obvious but understeer is indeed rare, only occurring if you’re wildly over-ambitious with your corner entry speed or too aggressive with steering inputs.

    2014 porsche macan turbo heart unit 09 PhotographMiddle Console 09

    The steering on its own has a excellent body weight, as the tire was “”””obtained”””” from the 918 Spyder parts container, no much less. It comes with a stunning shape and style that gives a respected quantity of really feel.

    The directing is accompanied by suspensions that rides with impressive suppleness and composure, in spite of its limited roll and pitch management. That’s real no matter if there is the normal metallic springs or non-obligatory air suspensions offered you additionally get PASM.

    Perhaps even more astonishing in comparison to the Macan’s dynamics is its refinement. Even when the V6 biturbo was asked to provide almost everything, hitting its 165mph greatest on Germany’s amazing autobahns, there is minimal motor or exhaust sound inside the cabin. Street noises, even on all-period wheels was practically low-existent, and wind flow noise only gets obvious deep into three-body rates. It’s too quiet; a rousing exhaust soundtrack would certainly add to the Turbo’s appeal if anything.

    Even Mr Rohrl, a male who’s “”””sports vehicle”””” to the primary, conceded the Macan Turbo would be an excellent selection for a go to the ski slopes.

    So with its remarkable performance, comfort and versatility, the Macan’s existence should be celebrated, if only because its inevitable sales volume will allow Porsche to continue developing sports cars.

    Even with our excitement to the Turbo version, we concede how the S and S Diesel will account for most sales. And the good news is, these remain reliable Porsche items. In fact, the entire version array has redefined what’s probable inside an SUV, equally around the road and track. So, who’s now wondering what it would be like off-road…?

  • Conscious and Concerned


    Nissan is an environmentally conscious company who is concerned with making cars with a low carbon footprint that help to keep our environment safe. If you’re looking for a car with good gas mileage, that you can feel good about driving, consider a Nissan. Whether you buy from Redlands Nissan or another dealership, you’ll know you’re getting a car from a manufacturer who is dedicated to decreasing their cars’ emissions. You’ll be doing your part for the environment when you pick Nissan.


    There are lots of options for low emissions cars that get great mileage available from Nissan. From the unique Cube to the family friendly, always popular, Altima, and even the Juke, Versa, and LEAF. There are no shortage of options. Visit a dealership website, like Metro Nissan Redlands, to get information and specifications for any of the currently available vehicles.
    For any environmentally conscious consumer, a Nissan is a great choice. The company has been researching and developing cars in the four areas of fuel cell vehicles, hybrid vehicles, low emissions vehicles, and compressed natural gas vehicles. This dedication has led to advancements in all areas and has set precedents for the industry. If you’re a consumer who is concerned about your car’s impact on the environment, you’ll be glad to know just how dedicated Nissan is to the cause. In Japan, Nissan is now manufacturing vehicles that are more than 50% lower than the national standard for low fuel emissions. Nissan has even gone as far as to partner with competitor Toyota to provide parts for hybrid cars being built in the United States. The company’s dedication to doing its part for the environment can make anyone feel proud to drive a Nissan and know they’re getting good gas mileage and fuel efficiency.

  • $30K Scion FR-S Release Series 1.0 Debuts


    Scion FR-S Release Range 1. Information:

    1,500 to be manufacturedFunctions TRD accessories which includes quad steering, exhaust and springs tire

    Custom made system kit and HID/LEDDrive-button commenceDouble auto A/C

    Only accessible in special Yuzu discolored outside colour

    Our favorite Scion just got hotter! Feast your eyesight about the newest particular edition FR-S exposed at the Ny Global Automobile Show these days. The new FR-S Release Series 1. is hotness because of three main reasons, in our opinion:

    1. The Discharge Range will undoubtedly are available in a restricted edition Yuzu discolored painting.

    2. Toyota Race Advancement (TRD) components are utilized out and inside. Your body package is customized-made for this unique version auto, consisting of a back end spoiler and part fender inserts. The coupe also comes with a badass TRD quad exhaust, cutting down springs, steering wheel and shift button.

    3. You won’t discover as well most of these FR-S on your way. Only 1,500 models will likely be created and up for sale come August.

    Scion frs discharge release nose and maw PictureLaunch Version Nose And Maw

    Scion frs relieve model TRD fender treatment

    Scion FR s RS1 TRD decreasing springs

    Scion FR s RS1 TRD cargo mat

    The yellowish discomfort also will likely be designed with possibilities like the press-switch commence, HID headlamps, Brought daytime-operating lighting fixtures and black seating fashioned in the GT86.

    Scion frs relieve edition back a few quarter PictureRelease Model Back 3 Quarter

    Scion frs release version nasal area information

    Scion FR s RS1 interior dashboard

    Scion frs release edition back

    The MSRP is expected to get under $30,000 and every one will get a numbered badge. They’ll also be supplied both in six-rate handbook or automatic. Seeing this automobile directly, you’re going to desire to grab one particular when they’re offered. The special body kit and color certainly are a gorgeous combination and make this FR-S possibly the most competitive generation Scion we’ve ever seen!

  • 608hp Volkswagen Golf R – Crouch’s Dragon


    One and only thing you need to remember is the number 608. No, it’s not the owner’s area code, or even his credit score; it’s the horsepower his 2012 VW Golf R makes at the wheels – all of them!

    He claims to have the most powerful Golf R in the US – some dude in Romania apparently made 612hp for the wheels, but both cars are north of 600whp.., as a result.Had to step down in price, owner Jason Crouch told us, even though after the sale, I needed another VAG product.

    The downward step was even more of a lateral one in our opinion, into an early Volkswagen Golf R. I chose it because of its potential, its AWD system and because it was a stick. I wanted some thing involving. It only took Crouch 2 weeks to devise a plan for his new hot hatch, though i liked the DSG in the TT RS. And unlike most builds that start small and simmer to the boil, in the words of the late Bambino, he swung to the fences.

    I’d seen a couple of Golf R owners attempt to make big power but fall lacking the magical number 700. So I managed to get my goal to make 700hp at the crank, or 608hp at the wheels, which allows for your typical 22% drivetrain loss from the AWD system, Crouch explained.What happened next could possibly be straight from a movie script. The VW story is one of resurrection, hope, despair and help from his friends – industry friends with big hearts and steadfast determination.

    Explained, It’s the legacy of the story that really counts…””, although when asked to share his favorite part of the Volkswagen, Crouch didn’t mention the power or something that is from the amazing spec list””

    At one point I used to be typing out a ‘for sale’ thread when a few pivotal people helped me rediscover the importance of the project and discover it through to the end, he stated. fellow and Friend enthusiast, Ken Philpot from BSH Speedshop, told me that giving up wasn’t possible. He reminded me the car was almost complete and that I wasn’t one tohelp me save the auto. It was the final push I needed to return on the ‘Wagen, Jason continued.

    Your title here…

    So, what had happened? With just 2000 miles on the odometer and after 14 days of ownership, I took the Golf R to a shop that came highly recommended. I hoped they’d build the 700hp monster of my dreams but, one year later, it was actually pushed onto a flatbed and left the same shop as a shell of what it once was. It was incomplete and broken, he told us.

    During that year, Jason recounted a catalog of events that reads like a horror story for any folks who entrust our vehicles to a tuning shop. However, there’s a happy ending because Bluewater rode in to save the day.

    Starting from scratch, they retained many of the new hardware but added some custom touches of their very own, like the cold-air intake that avoids the side in thelook for a Bluewater polished cylinder head fitted with Ferrea valvetrain components.

    Bluewater disassembled the full Volkswagen motor as a precaution and found some problems with the cam and valvetrain chain that have been easily resolved but would have been disastrous if they’d proceeded.

    These folks were then safe to bolt the hefty Precision 5858 turbo with 46mm external wastegate towards the custom BSH tubular exhaust manifold. It had been accompanied by a custom FMIC with massive Spearco core. Custom software from United Motorsports took many hours to ensure both OEM-like drivability on part throttle and insanity at WOT. And since it’s a VW, they took the precaution of adding Okada Projects ignition coils to provide a good spark. An AEM methanol injection kit with FailSafe feature adds an extra layer of protection on the built motor that is dressed with a gorgeous INA billet cam cover.


    All that power has to go somewhere, and so a DXD Racing/South Bend stage 4 clutch and flywheel kit was installed, together with a Haldex Competition controller to distribute the torque better.

    A set of KW Variant 2 coilovers, Integrated Engineering camber plates, JOM rear sway bar and Whiteline bushing kit helped the VW hatch handle like it’s on rails. It’s amazing how well the automobile handles taking into consideration the simple mix ofin advance with 365mm slotted rotors that were matched to a set of custom Adams Rotors within the rear. Again, the brakes were this kind of simple combo but are super-effective, even from high speed, Crouch said.

    Seeking to ensure he had enough rubber on the highway, Jason used a pair of wide front fenders from SRS-Tec in Germany. They add an extra 1 to each bolt and side-on without requiring modifications to either the front side bumper or side skirts. The design mimics the OE panels therefore it looks discreet but allowed the Volkswagen to be fitted with 19×9 HRE Vintage 505 wheels front and rear. These were custom-built with a wider rear lip to improve the car’s stance.

    While he was at it, Crouch had the front side bumper, hood notch and turn signals shaved just before thenotice the custom half-cage in the car. Painted black, it certainly doesn’t draw unwanted attention. I’m all about understated excellence, and so the interior was left stock save for that cage, some AEM gauges and a simple stereo using a stealth sub, Crouch explained.

    With its matte wrap, lowered ride height, aggressive offsets and rollcage, it doesn’t take a mastermind to figure something is up with this Golf R. It’s still considered stealthy because nobody would suspect this hatchback is packing 700hp with the crank, however!

    For reference, that’s more power than most supercars. And don’t suggest it’s just a numbers car, because Jason offers to turn it loose on a drag strip soon. So, when he can lay claim to having the most powerful Golf R in the united states, perhaps this year he’ll wear the crown of the world’s fastest, too.

    Tech Spec

    2012 Volkswagen Golf R

    Jason Crouch

    Bay Area, CA



    2.-liter four cylinder 16v with custom RS Worx forged Mahle ARP, rods and pistons hardware, polished Bluewater Performance cylinder head, Ferrea valvetrain, Precision Turbo 5858 turbo, 46mm external wastegate, BSH Speedshop tubular exhaust manifold, FMIC and methanol tank, HEP intake manifold and fuel rail, United Motorsports software, Bluewater custom 3 downpipe and CAIUnited and turbo Motorsports software. The outcomeHollywood and Gabe at Bluewater Performance (bwperformance.com), Jeffrey at United Motorsports (unitedmotorsport.net), Brendan and Jaime at Boardwalk AutoMall, Lawson at AEM (aempower.com), Lyle and Jordan at Vinyl Styles (vinylstyles.com), Arin at APR (goapr.com), Howie at HEP (heperformance.com), Pete at BFI (blackforestindustries.com), Joe at Precision Turbo (precisionturbo.net), Nik Brewer at Uber Stealth (uberstealthaudio.com), John at Meisterschaft (gthaus.com), Issam at INA Engineering (inaengineering.com), Paul at Hankook (hankooktireusa.com), Andy at DXD Racing (dxdracingclutches.com), Zeke at Ferrea (ferrea.com), Patrick at RS Worx (redlinespeedworx.com), Michael at SRS-Tec (srs-tec.de), Sarah at Mishimoto (mishimoto.com), Jim at Dieselgeek (dieselgeek.com), Alan and Ken at BSH (bshspeedshop.comJeff, ) and Phil USP Motorsports (uspmotorsports.com), Ian at Evolution Motorsports (evoms.com), Doug at Cascade Audio (cascadeaudio.com), George at KW (kw-suspension.com), Lon and Patrick at HRE (hrewheels.com), Danni at Brembo (racetechnologies.com), Adam at Adams Rotors (adamsrotors.com)

  • Three Things That Help Everyone Bring out Their Sporty Side


    A lot of people enjoy showing off their sporty side. This doesn’t mean having a wardrobe of nothing but yoga pants, there are tons of ways to let your athletic side shine. Here are three great ways that you can express you sportiness.

    1. Good Equipment

    No matter what your sport is, you want to have great equipment. This doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune on the latest gear for a sport you haven’t tried before. Consider going to a second hand sporting goods store or looking online for pieces that are really valuable and gently used. Some things you want to buy new, shoes for example. Just make sure that you shop around and find the equipment that works for you.

    2. A Surprisingly Sporty Car


    With the Fiat 500X, sold by fiat dealer Los Angeles you can have a crossover that is packed with European style with all the sportiness that you need. With great gas mileage, you can be sure that you aren’t spending a fortune on travelling to your destination. With features such as AWD, you can also be sure that you have a car that can go anywhere. The Fiat 500X also has plenty of cargo room so that you can be sure to fit all your gear. Find out more about the Fiat 500X at OC Fiat.

    3. A Desire to Try New Things

    Learning new sports and activities is an essential part of living a sporty lifestyle. Live adventurously and try out new things, either through joining a group of finding friends who love a certain sport. You never know what that next great activity in your life will be. You may be able to try something new right in your own neighborhood without even knowing about it before.

  • 2JZ Lexus IS 350 – Love At First Sight (w/video)


    When Gordon Ting debuted this 2JZ -powered 2014 Lexus Reaches SEMA just last year, it was bound to stir up some controversy. An old Toyota motor in a brand new luxury sedan… Was it crazy? Were people going to get offended? yes you will find! But we had no objections for the idea; the truth is, we loved it so much we planned to put the world’s craziest 2JZ third-generation Lexus IS about the cover! And why not throw in an added bonus poster to suit your needs guys while we’re at it!

    We don’t always give something with the Lexus badge this much attention. Most builds are either VIP, stance or perhaps too tame (or lame! ). But Gordon was given the opportunity to build two new Lexus IS models and create some buzz. He hit not one, but two home runs with a show-stoppin’ IS 250 AWD (see P. 30), plus this panty-droppin’ IS 350… or shall we say, IS 340 on account of thea record of building SEMA vehicles for Lexus over the last few years, Gordon explained. We have seen a lot of builds out there which claim crazy horsepower, but it’s never proven. That’s where this 2J project came in… Also as a badass performance vehicle, even though we built this car, not just as a badass show vehicle. So just after SEMA we took it to Buttonwillow Raceway and tracked it.

    And just that way, Gordon shut up the skeptics. It was shocking to us because even the bigwigs at Lexus supported the project. Currently, the brand new Lexus IS is only offered with a 204hp 2.5-liter V6 and 306hp 3.5-liter V6. So getting monster power from either of the factory engines in the two-month length of time wasn’t going to be easy, and would take months of testing. So, the thought of a 2JZ-GTE swap was created. Plus, it’s a Toyota motor so that it keeps things in the family.

    With time ticking and SEMA approaching, Gordon brought on the help of his good friends who happen to be also experts when it comes to turning wrenches and custom fab work-Philip Chase and Ben Schwartz. The two managed the project through its entirety, which started by merely removing the stock 3.5-liter V6. That they had placed an order for a JDM 2JZ via eBay Japan, but it hadn’t arrived in time. So the team borrowed an extra motor from a friend to get things going. Phil and Ben fabricated custom brackets using the temporary inline-six while they determined stock Supra parts may be used for engine mounts. Once their actual engine arrived, it was torn down and assembled with the help of Evasive Motorsports. A 3.4-liter stroker kit from Brian Crower came first, which included a stronger crank and beefier rods. Forged JE pistons were added while the cylinder head was considering the whole nine yards via CNC work by Mission Critical. The valvetrain also received Brian Crower cams and valves. For boost, the very first twin-turbo setup was ditched for a Garrett GTX3582R turbo mounted for an ETS manifold. fuel and Cooling upgrades weren’t forgotten either with a GReddy intercooler, 1000cc injectors, dual fuel pumps, custom surge tank and oil coolers thrown in to theWith the motor in, a custom 4 exhaust was crafted as well as a custom engine harness from Rywire. Puttin’ all of that power to the wheels is definitely an R154 tranny out of a Mk3 Supra. While it might not be the Supra Getrag tranny that costs just as much as $7,000, the five-speed manual is gets, affordable and powerful the job done. To ensure power transfer on the rear wheels, an OS Giken triple-plate clutch and limited-slip were installed.

    With all the expertise of Evasive and an AEM standalone, the 2JZ beast was tuned about the dyno with a final consequence of 639whp (731hp at crank) and 596 lb-ft (685 lb-ft at crank)-it’s not wild for the 2JZ but the power is usable for road course and some street duties. With its extensive work, Phil informs us this motor setup has ended-built. Eventually, the master plan is to upgrade to a GTX4088R and make it to the 800whp-this is just likeBecause the factory steering is electric and controlled from the ECU, a manually hydraulic one was swapped in. Other upgrades to complement the additional power included Lexus IS F axles-the stock 350 ones were puny-plus a custom driveshaft. Chassis upgrades weren’t skimped on either with Brembo supplying front and rear big brakes, coilovers from KW using stiffer spring rates, custom a-arms and lightweight Advan wheels matched to some very sticky Toyo R888s.

    After 60 days with a lot of sleepless nights, the 2JZ -powered IS 340 was finished and transported to Vegas for SEMA. It was easily one of our favorite cars from your convention. It baffles us that there were no major complications together with the swap so we are impressed with how quick Gordon and his awesome team finished it. It might not be competitive in a true time attack race due to how heavy a Lexus is, however it does have a powertrain and chassis that’s proven in the dyno and road course. Just how many show cars can state that?